Friday, January 11, 2008

Another Day, Another Box

We've made significant progress regarding our relocation to AZ, not the least of which included making it here in one piece. The 17 hour drive was more beautiful than I'd expected, replacing recollections of the 8 hours of misery experienced driving down to Albuquerque a few years back. I suspect traveling in blackness with heavy rain lashing at the windshield didn't help, although I didn't remember that crucial bit of information until my husband mentioned it.

Way better than Kansas. Red rocks and smoke stacks featured in programs my brother watches beat dusty nothingness any day.

Many thanks to the one and only C of J for his help, both in the unloading of the U-Haul and the astute discovery of the option to hire movers to unload your U-Haul for you. Something worth checking out next time as our belongings, now officially in three places across the country, will no doubt multiply.

The apartment affords more storage than we've ever had (besides parental abodes), and after living in a bread box overseas, it's accommodations are positively HUGE. It's our hope that we'll be completely unpacked by the time Monday dawns... and classes begin.

We're students again! And this time, we're not compelled to take those general education courses that typically round out an undergraduate degree but hold little interest beyond keeping the GPA up. I've even gone and secured my first override of the year.

Here's looking forward to 2008.


Admontius said...

Hey! Good to hear that you guys made it down safely and got it all unpacked (into the apt.) easily. Sounds like you even managed to enjoy the drive down. There are some beautiful landscapes along the way despite brown being the predominate color. Hope all is going well in these first few weeks of classes!

Star said...

Hey! Good to hear from you! I meant to thank you as well for all your help loading up the U-Haul.

Then again, does anyone need any further thanks than being stuffed to the gills with buffalo meat? Mere words just pale in comparison ;P