Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's All a Blur

As usual, there’s so much I’d like to share and so little time to sit down and write any of it out. At least laziness isn’t part of the picture at the moment- Ash & I are ramping up our packing efforts now that we have a firm shipping deadline in place, I’m trying to squeeze the last drops of nourishment from my Japanese studies while still on its native soil, settlement of accounts and paperwork are clamoring for attention, a whirlwind of planned farewell get-togethers is gathering steam, and in order to boost the energy I need for all of the above and everything I haven’t mentioned, I am making a concentrated effort to exercise in the mornings.

Weekends no longer exist for us, which is bad news for things like sleep, but such is the price one pays for planning some last-minute excursions… like the one we just took to Kyoto. I’m definitely planning to expound on this as time permits, but for now…

Go there. Just go. Regret will never enter your mind, especially if you tread the pathways of Arashi-yama (mountain). It ranks right up there with our first foray into Nikko and exploits in Hokkaido.

That said, consider this my disclaimer on the sporadic (or lack thereof) posting, which will hopefully resolve itself into something more orderly once the merry-go-round stops spinning and I can collapse on the soft grass below.

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