Tuesday, December 26, 2006

No Smoking, Perfect, Luau

1. I’d forgotten that there were places where a “No Smoking” policy is carried out by every establishment in the city, or in this case, on the island. It’s a breath of fresh air to eat without being in a constant cloud of smoke wafting over from the next table.

2. The climate reminds me of my cousin’s cabin in WA, which I had once declared to be absolutely perfect and ideal for yours truly. The air is balmy, crisp and clear with no hint of dampness, and carries a mellow breeze to soften the kisses streaming down from the bright sun above.

3. Having my expectations of the evening luau shattered wasn’t pleasant at first, until I realized the reason for the (apparently) poor planning that led to us eating the buffet in a ballroom filled with red and green Christmas décor instead of on the beach. The main building had burned down quite recently (with its charred remains still visible and yellow caution tape all around). This new piece of information changed the evening from one of disappointment into an opportunity to observe a flurry of improvisation in action. All things considering, I was quite impressed with their efforts.

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