Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hot Stones, By the Sea, South Pacific

1. The hot stone massage I enjoyed burned away any stiffness lingering from the long flight over. But the absolute best part was watching my mother-in-law emerge from hers with a serene smile on her face and a gentle glide in her step.

2. Coming across a wonderful store we had overlooked yesterday, nestled in the corner of a marketplace in Kapa’a. It was here I found what I had been searching for in the way of sundresses, along with lovely unique jewelry and a friendly sales lady who was interesting to chat with.

3. It seemed appropriate to see a dinner theater performance of “South Pacific” on the same island where the 1958 movie was shot. There’s nothing more delightful than seeing a charming portrayal of a character that could easily fall into one-dimensionality.

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