Saturday, December 16, 2006

No Price is Too High...

… to embarrass a Japanese comedian on his birthday. His 39th birthday, to be exact. At Universal Studios, in front of young and old alike.

I mean, consider what 8 million yen can buy you:

  • the construction of a float bearing a giant paper mache likeness of the birthday boy

  • an effeminate pastel bodysuit that glitters like the pink star-tipped wand the comedian will have to don upon his person

  • an entire parade’s worth of dancers

  • a special parade that will take place on Universal Studio’s Main Street
This doesn’t include the priceless expressions on the faces of parents when the comedian is, in all his pink & yellow glory, dragged from atop the float to the street to engage in a dance he doesn’t know the steps to and a choreographed fight he is destined to win, once he figures out the key to victory is waving his wand at the bad guys.

And to think, I would have just used the money to entice my husband to quit his job and travel around the country for a while.

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Hiro said...

Well, if you *do* travel around the country, be sure to stop by Hama! :)