Thursday, December 21, 2006

Audacity, Packing, Preparation

1. The magnificent clouds appearing in our town that result in stunning sunsets. Last night they were a brooding, stormy blue that clustered thickly along the sky in wide streaks, allowing glimpses of the soft warm blue of the canopy above between each row to create a vivid 3-D effect. At the far western end the blue colour stopped abruptly, as if the deep crimson of the setting sun had carved itself a place where no other hue was allowed to dwell. The sight took my breath away, leaving me with the feeling that I had just witnessed some sort of daring indiscretion.

2. Watching the deft, expert touch of my husband transform piles of clothing into the smart, neatly packed contents of suitcases seen in travel magazines.

3. Freshly manicured toenails reflecting a pearly sheen, ready to show themselves off beneath a sundress on a warm beach somewhere.

1 comment:

Hiro said...

Did you roll your cloths when you packed? It saves a lot of room in your suitcase.... :)

Welcome back to Japan. Come check out MJ sometime.