Saturday, September 02, 2006

Totally Worth It

Just checking in to say that Hokkaido was a blast and we’ve made it home in one piece! Here’s a quick rundown of what filled our 5 blessedly cool and humidity-free days of vacation:

  • Lots of driving in the mountains
  • Frolicking through gi-normous flower fields
  • Sampling lavender flavored… everything
  • Fantastic nature scenes and accompanying attempts to capture their beauty through photography
  • Exploring cities
  • Hiking through Hell’s Valley
  • Wandering through a sculpture park
  • Lunch with Ghengis Khan
  • Gondolas and an impressive skyline observatory
  • A chocolate factory tour
  • Quality time, silence and conversation, laughter and tackling challenges with my beloved husband
  • Tasty cuisine

It all culminated in an earthquake around Tokyo upon our return… although we didn’t know it until after we’d landed an hour late and traveled the last three to collapse at home. It all makes sense now- at the time, we were wondering why our plane seemed to circle endlessly over Haneda Airport instead of landing when the worst thing separating us from the runway appeared to be a few wispy clouds. They did show the pilot’s view of the sky on all the movie screens while we were killing time, which was pretty cool, especially during our eventual descent.

Yep, definitely a fantastic trip, which has also whetted my appetite for an excursion we’ve been anticipating for about a year now.

I’m so pumped for Nikko this fall.


Ljw said...

What can I say? It sounds like just about a perfect vacation/trip. You should post or send pictures. And lavender ::stare::

Kyle said...

Hmm, I hike though Hell's Valley sounds.... er, hot? And lunch with Ghengis Khan? Wow, I'm not even sure what to say about that.

Anyway, sounds like you had a very exciting trip, to say the least. I'm glad that your time away was cool and dry, those two are often the best combinations. You should post a few of your pictures - I'm particularly interested in this Hell's Valley place... I mean, there must be a *reason* why they call it that!

Glad you had fun. The girl's say "hi."


PS: Does Lavender actually taste good? My only experience with it involves laundry....

Star said...

I have a tendency to associate lavender with scent-related products- soap, perfume, etc. But after sampling lavender ice cream and lavender caramel, I've come to the conclusion that it could be effectively marketed in the "flavor" realm, maybe becoming the latest herb to hit the stores.

Then again, almost anything tastes good if you add enough sugar...