Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Still Out of It

Oh body of rebellion, why must you fight me so? The mornings sparkle with the promise of a new day, and all you want to do is snuggle ever deeper into your blanket and sleep, even though we both know there’s no more restful slumber to be had, and that this act in fact curses us to grogginess for the remainder of the day.

So what if I ran you ragged this weekend? We had fun didn’t we? Listening to an impromptu Baroque concert, spending time with an amazing Japanese family and nearly exploding thanks to their determination to keep feeding us, fighting to pay for lunch, traversing the ancient paths of the Edo period through famous woodblock prints, strolling endlessly along a river that winds its way through the outskirts of Tokyo, re-tracing my husband’s steps to his college during his summer stay years ago, dodging mega-camera toting enthusiasts at the Tokyo Game Exhibition in Makahari...

...and why are comedians putting large orange necklaces onto raging bulls, climbing upon the said bull’s back, and otherwise making an unhappy bull even unhappier? There also appears to be a man yanking on the bull’s nose ring to get it to stay still… this can’t end well.

* * * * * * *

No serious injuries have been sustained, just someone successfully parasailing behind a motorboat, coming to a standstill, and then dropping like a stone into the churning water below.

That’s worse than the Tower of Death. Who would ever want to be a comedian in Japan? They’re just brutal to each other.

Do you hear that, body mine? Get your act together or else we’re going into the Japanese comedy business! Then you’ll be sorry.

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