Sunday, September 17, 2006

30 Cans of Beer

A mutual friend gave us some beer. Lots of beer. A case of beer that, when stood on its end, easily reaches my knee. We don’t know why he gave us that much beer. I hate the stuff, and Ash, though he doesn’t mind a mug every so often, can’t even enjoy one without throwing in the car keys for the night. (We’d be happier about the zero tolerance driving law if most people didn’t ignore it and drive anyway.)

So what do you do with 30 cans of unwanted beer?

If you said find a friend throwing a large dinner party and offer to contribute to the drink selection, you’d be right. Ah, the joys of re-gifting a re-gift.

Alcohol quandaries aside, we’re still pretty wiped. It’s been another one of those busy weeks- good, but draining, and I rather expect them to continue for the rest of the month. Surely a day where we can rest and play catch-up on personal projects isn’t too far around the bend…

1 comment:

Kyle said...

You guys are smarter than me, I would have left it in the fridge for a few weeks and then thrown it out when I needed the room for something else. It's the pack rat in me, I guess.