Wednesday, August 02, 2006

McDonald's Girl

Dakara’s jingle is no longer stuck in my head, although I still periodically charm a “Waah!’ from my husband out of principle. He’s the one who ultimately lodged it there to begin with, after all. It’s been replaced by a much more annoying number. Thanks a lot, Harvard University a cappella choir group “Din and Tonics”. My eternal gratitude is yours.

Truth be told, they weren’t half bad (musically speaking… quite good really), while their over-the-top performance reminded me of just how easily I’m vicariously embarrassed for the sake of others. I ended up wincing a lot and not looking at the stage. It only stands to reason that you focus a lot more on the music when you’re staring at the back of your eyelids or the hair of the VIP sitting in front of you.

When songs are well done, that’s cool, but it also makes you susceptible to the planting of certain whimsical ditties on a subconscious level ‘til the day you realize what exactly you’ve been humming under your breath for uncountable hours.

Oh Barenaked Ladies, if only I’d attended one of your concerts, I’d have known about the existence of this McDonald’s girl long ago. Or, you know, used your search engine before now.


Ljw said...

This sounds faintly familiar somehow. Maybe it's that late 70's early 80's vibe that just makes it that way. I prefer the original version to the BNL version though. Perhaps they'd do better if it wasn't a live set. I haven't listened to the others yet..I don't know if I can for fear I'll remember it too well and get it stuck!

Kyle said...

Since this is basically a post about an annoying song that you've heard and is now stuck in your head, I've refrained from listening to it... that and because my computer at -shhhh- work, doesn't have Real Player and I don't think I should download it.

No doubt when I get home the temptation to hear it, just so I can commiserate with you, will override my better judgement, but for now I'm safe.

Have a good day Star.

Star said...

True dat, live version stuff usually bites big time. A few bands can pull it off though.

Yes Kyle, come, come and join me in the chorus that just cycles around in a never-ending sort of way. LJW is already halfway there :)

Anonymous said...

nope, not gonna to do it...

Kyle said...

Grrr, that was me, I forgot to type in my name.