Saturday, July 29, 2006


This little gem was shown on the television incessantly for at least 2 weeks straight. Thankfully, its replacement isn’t nearly as charming, nor does it do the trademark song any justice whatsoever.

In case you’re wondering, the animation is from an old-school anime series called “Galaxy Express 999”, considered a classic in these parts and beloved by many.

And yes, the best part is the “Waah!”. Try singing it to your spouse* sometime. It’ll grow on them before too long, and eventually they might join in with you.

*This only works with a significant other, being too cute for other kinds of relationships. Just trust me on this.


Kyle said...

Hmm, why does she cry? Is that water (I assume it's water) just that good? I originally thought the lady looked a bit like... checking wikipedia... Lisa Hayes from Robotech, but after looking her up, they don't look that much alike. Still, she seemed familiar, somehow...

Oh well. By the way, I've noticed a sudden increase in Youtube usage... you haven't given in to peer pressure, have you?

Have a good day and say hi to your husband for me.


Star said...

I'm not quite certain why she cries... I forget who the animator is, but he has a pretty distinctive style.

By distinctive, I mean that no matter what sort of animation he does, the characters all look the same. Kind of like DBZ and DQ.

I am an impassive stone wall, impervious to the slings and arrows of peer pressure. YouTube just happens to have proved itself useful in the sharing of Japanese pop culture to those of you not "in the know". You do want to be "hip" and "with it", don't you?

Ljw said...

I'm *always* "hip" and "with it". :-P

Ljw - trend makerbreakersmasherignorer extraordinaire

"Peachy Keen!"