Thursday, August 24, 2006

Burning Sensation

It was as if my arm had spontaneously burst into red-hot flame. Ash blinked in confusion as I threw myself into the car with a growl and began to furiously scratch at my left hand, elbow, and the area in between. A few well-placed words and restraining arm later elicited a calm explanation, betrayed by the involuntary flexing of fingers-turned-claws ready to replace the fiery itch with manageable pain.

“I think a mosquito bit me.”

It sure did… 10 times, once again in the 2 minute timeframe it took for me to knock on my friend’s door (unfortunately surrounded by stagnant puddles) and exchange pleasantries before catching my ride home. That’s a new record in my personal history of being ambushed.

I’ve never been bitten on the hand before, so this is new. The most unpleasant thing about it all is knowing that I’ve just provided the current breeding population with enough involuntary sustenance to ensure the survival of their species for at least another life cycle.

Darn my physiology for producing exceptionally sweet ambrosia that skeets find irresistible.


Ljw said...

Poor sweet little Brainsib. They jes can't resist a little nip o' Starshine. :grin: I just hope you never get bitten on your ear like I have. It might've been a spider, but whatever it was, it made me quite ill!

Admontius said...

Getting bit on the hand is bad. The last time I went up to Steam Boat Springs I got a bite on my palm. For three weeks there was a welt there. They say you're not supposed to scratch 'em but how do you not irritate a bite on your constantly moving palm? Maybe a bit of Canadian Cologne would have helped prevent the bite but after they've struck what can you do?

Star said...

Getting bit on the hand is no fun... one got me right on the connecting skin between my middle and ring finger. Painful itch city.