Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pesky Skeets

2 minutes. That's how long it took for me to lock up my bike and enter the house at 1:30pm this afternoon. Apparently that's also the equivalent of eternity to the voracious mosquitos that plague this fair country. How else would you explain the 7 itchy bite marks that popped up out of nowhere?

2 minutes...that's just not right.


Admontius said...

Mosquito Horrabillus: Canadian state bird. also: plague-like pest inhabiting most regions of the US and other countries, particularly: the nasty bug that left quarter-sized welts on us during our Colorado camping trip last summer. Even with the best repellant! So far this summer: 0 bites. One of the few perks I've found to living in NM. Dry state = no breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Ljw said...

Here's a few links. I'm not sure how good they'll work for you, but some of the solutions seem relatively simple and worth trying. Especially some in the last link.