Saturday, July 01, 2006

Part of the Job Description

The other day I was taking a walk (for no other reason than the insane one of turning my 5 minute walk to the store into a 30 minute one around the neighborhood for the sake of "exercise"). I passed many houses on the way. Then I heard a sound that made me start like a frightened jackrabbit. Apparently one of the houses with open windows had someone in it, and he was singing... badly. Belting out lyrics for all he was worth, actually.

It was amusing. Hopefully the practice will help him stay on pitch when he finds himself at the inevitable karaoke place with all his business associates and must sing or be shamed forever.

Businessmen here do that, you know. They practice singing for hours in preparation of the after-work party that leads to those microphones in hopes they won't look or sound incredibly foolish. What is it they call that? Ah yes. Damage control.


Admontius said...

So, if you're bold enough to post with wreckless abandon you'll get comments with wreckless abandon as well!!!

Karaoke... That reminds me of the last time we dueled--Oh ye of vocal prowess! Was this man singing poorly enough to top hitting the notes of "like a virgin" without actually singing any of the lyrics?

Star said...

Bring on the recklessness!

Ah yes, I remember that duel well, oh ye with the Golden Voice. I only heard a couple lines, but this particular fellow's voice cracked and fell flat quite a bit. He didn't hold a candle to your wordless tribute to a Madonna classic ;P