Thursday, June 29, 2006

I Did Think About It...

Here it is, the culmination of a rather long process I prefer not to think too much about. The long and short of it is, I wasn't satisfied with only one blog. Bamboo Forests will be around for as long as we unabashedly run rampant through Japan, but in my eyes it has morphed into a peaceful place for me to flex my creative writing skills. It is there that I can sit back and leisurely weave amusing and (occasionally) thought-provoking tales while thumbing through my beloved thesaurus.

The problem with wanting to write in this manner is that it requires more time than simply jotting down an observation, thought, quip, epiphany, or combination thereof. Before long the pressure to simply update with something, anything, began to erode my enjoyment. I didn't want to use it for mundane trivals like general announcements and the like. It was never meant for that.

And so we come to the birth of this new passage into the heart of star-dom! (Bad joke, but oh it's nice to just write whatever I want on the fly without going over my words a million times to polish them!) This now becomes the area where my freedom is actually in posting with abandon.

I suppose it comes down to this: if you'd like stories on my life in Japan, go trek through the forests. If you'd like to read about news and randomness that deal with me and daily life in general, come here. It's my hope that this journal will follow me for a long time, even after I move out from under the shade of bamboo groves gently swaying in a coastal breeze.

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Ljw said...

::romps about in the mountain range that is Star's blog, gleefully giddy about being the first comment:: MWAHAHAHAHA! ::Brainsibby stamp::