Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just an Opinion...

... classes that meet once a week should never be scheduled on Monday. I'm very bummed out that my self-defense course has been canceled twice already because of holidays, which we all know absolutely adore Mondays.

It's been the equivalent of missing 6 hours of a regular class, only worse because SD is all technique and practice that isn't conveyed in a textbook and can only be sharpened so much when reviewed at home.

There are pads out there just begging to be smacked around!

Now my other once a week class is on Tuesdays, and I haven't missed one yet. And why is that? Because holidays hate the way Tuesday feels and only fall on it out of desperation.

Yessiree, Tuesdays are the way to go...

... said the student who actually wants to attend her classes.

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