Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pre-emptive Measures

It has begun, earlier than I expected. It’s not much, but there’s a world of satisfaction hidden in the two boxes occupying a corner of our humble abode. What it means… is that there are twenty less things to concern ourselves with when crunch time arrives and the last-minute scramble that is the inevitable fate of all movers ensues. This is our attempt to ease the stress of those seemingly endless yet perilously short hours, less than two months away. In my humble opinion we’re off to a good start, thanks in no small part to my husband.

I feel funny saying this, especially since I have a sinking feeling that I will regret it later on when eggs can fry on our kitchen counter simply by existing, but I’m actually a little impatient for warm weather to make itself comfortable enough where it has no intention of disappearing into a pocket of cold. With this invisible line drawn, another good portion of packing can be done, and thick bundles of winter attire can slumber in the moisture-proofed darkness it knows for six months of the year.

Despite all this rather definitive mental and physical activity, our pending adieu to Japan still hasn’t registered emotionally. I’d say the odds are pretty good on the side of bittersweet, what with the farewells and homecoming and new beginnings and all of that… which I’m okay with, as I’d prefer it to feelings of “meh” and instant adjustment. I guess I’d like to feel something, rather than nothing at all.


Anonymous said...

I can make you and Ash some cccookies...

Star said...

Christy's patented cccoookies! That definitely falls on the sweet side of things :):):)