Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mii, TV Champion, Helper

1. A dear friend shared her Mii creations with me the other day. Every time I look at the pictures, I’m flattered that while creating a little Mii-her and little Mii-her family, she would also include a little Mii-me as a matter of course.

2. During a question round that would eventually determine NHK’s Ultimate Gamer, “buzzing in” entails using a trampoline to jump and grab a lone coin suspended in the air, complete with Mario Bros. sound effects. It was more amusing than beautiful, but it did make me smile.

3. Working with my husband as a team in the packing process. One reward for actively shouldering part of the burden is watching stress dissipate into thin air.


Anonymous said...

Star, do you have a Wii?

Star said...

Sadly no... or rather, not yet ;) I suspect that will be remedied once we've settled ourselves back in the states.