Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Glitzy Upstart

The unexpected has happened… something that is quite impressive considering my relative indifference to things of this nature. Still, even I possess that certain special place buried deep in every girl’s heart where Wonka’s rivers flow in homage to the throne of choco-dom, upon which a certain diva has sat uncontested for years. Allow me to elaborate.

This is where self-control trembles violently.

And this is where self-control implodes, explodes, and then morphs into a voracious black-hole all the while wailing “Curse you Reeses! Curse you and your bite-sized peanut-buttery goodness!!”

I can’t tell you how happy I am that there are only five left… 95% of which have been devoured by yours truly. Ash, thanks to his keen instincts, has observed the way my eyes glint at the mention of certain brightly foiled eggs and prefers to munch on other goodies rather than risk a raid on the “nest”.

Did I say five? I meant two.

It’ll all be over soon, and then I can go back to being indifferent to chocolate again…

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