Thursday, March 01, 2007

Toast, Repaired, Thanks Honey!

1. I’m ever hopeful that grocery stores here will add something to their deli meat selection that isn’t derived of pork, but until then, toasted bread adds that special something to an otherwise tired ham sandwich. Here’s to the wonders of a toaster oven :)

2. Driving away from the Toyopet with a newly repaired wheel free of charge. The rear passenger-side tire of our Corolla had begun an inexplicable but alarming collapse earlier in the day. We were relieved to see that the culprit was only a quarter-inch nail.

3. A wonderful husband who is willing to do the dishes with little complaint.


Kyle said...

You're lucky to have such a nice husband. I complain about the having to do the dishes almost every day... which is funny, because I don't actually DO the dishes every day!

Star said...

No doubt about it, I'm one lucky girl! I'm sure you do plenty of wonderful things for your lovely wife too though :)