Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fruitful, Shared Pleasures, Indomitable Helios

1. Last night I spent a fruitless hour in front of the computer, unable to make any headway in my writing efforts. Then today I sat down and found the words flowing easily, as if the blockage slowing things to a mere trickle had been whisked away by some unknown benefactor.

2. Stealing glances at my husband as he’s curled up with a book. It’s lovely to see him find just as much enjoyment in reading as I do.

3. Even though the wind outside is strong enough to shake the doors around the apartment with a loud clatter, the sun streams through the west window undeterred. Its calm and steady warmth makes the loud gusts seem less menacing somehow.


Hiro said...

So, have you spent some time working on upgrading to Google-enabled Blogspot? I've upgraded mine...

Star said...

If you mean the most current version of Blogger, then it's a happy yes- I kinda talk about that here :)

Thanks for logging in this time so I know who you are!