Sunday, February 25, 2007

Alarm Clock, Something New, Tea Time

1. Waking up to morning kisses from my husband.

2. Sitting down and taking the time to learn about feeds. This prompts me to give Google Reader a try, and I love it. I hope to become more proficient at utilizing its capabilities as time goes on.

3. The smooth taste of milk tea accompanied by some sort of sweet… in this case, Pocky.


HS said...

This post did a lot of things to me:

1) It made me want to marry someone.
2) It made me repent my pure laziness and made me think of updating my site. (which I did)
3) It make me hungry for food.

I've got a pile of Yatsuhashi I bought on my way back from Osaka, so I'll have to work on them before allowing myself buy yet another snack food...

kareen said...

Pocky does taste great.:) My sister brought back some from Japan.:)

Star said...

HS- I've never had yatsuhashi, you'll have to let me know how it is. Why am I not surprised that it's ultimately made of rice? ;P

Kareen- Your sister appears to know a "must have" souvenir when she sees one, having brought back one of the greatest, iconic products of all Japan-dom ;)