Saturday, January 20, 2007

You Know It's Cold When...

… it’s been three hours since you returned home from running errands, and the thought of removing your scarf and coat still hasn’t crossed your mind.

… you are sitting at your desk, take a drink of your tea, and breathe steam when you exhale.

… the words “typing gloves” catch your attention, immediately transporting you to that dreamy world of warm hands and an unhindered keyboard manipulation ability. The style of these particular ones is nice, although a little more digit coverage would be welcome… perhaps extending to the knuckle where the finger itself bends instead of leaving the entire thing to the mercy of the arctic air.

… you re-fill your mug with piping hot liquid and immediately take a big mouthful, forgetting that just because it takes mere minutes to cool down to sippable levels doesn’t mean it won’t burn your tongue fresh from the teakettle.

… you run cold faucet water over your injured tongue and shiver, not from the decidedly strange sensation of such an act, but from having to be in the uncivilized portion of the apartment (i.e. no heater) longer than originally anticipated.

... the Minnesotan in the neighborhood appears mildly pleased that his package from the states containing a light jacket has finally arrived.


Admontius said...

...the thought of leaving the steamy, ever-hot shower is almost unbearable.

Star said...

It's so true. Excellent addition!