Monday, January 01, 2007

Luggage Swap, Shades of Blue, Reading Material

1. Watching my husband and his mother work together to effectively find a place for all the things brought here from opposite ends of the earth that are not supposed to return from whence they originally came.

2. As darkness began to settle itself across the land, I gazed up at an ink blue expanse where the first few stars of the night began to show themselves with the gentle shyness of a new-born fawn. Scattered clouds painted faint patches of another deep blue, which I can only describe as a shade or two off the color of midnight, across the sky. I found myself thinking about the peculiar beauty in monochromatic color schemes and wishing I had access to the incredible palette the Lord paints the world with.

3. Finishing my book and having a small library to choose from for tomorrow’s return flight home, thanks to an earlier visit to the local bookstore. Our bags will be heavier and our wallets lighter, but it’s a worthwhile trade.

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