Saturday, October 21, 2006

From Iraq

I hardly care to read anything about the war in Iraq anymore. Just about everything I come across, be it an article or an interview, is too steeped in political angling (from both supporters and critics) to carry much credibility with me.

That’s why this TIME article is so refreshing. It’s an account by a Marine officer who is actually stationed in Fallujah, giving an honest glimpse into the life of the soldiers stationed there by one of their own. He does a good job of balancing humor with the seriousness of what’s going on.

Political agendas are so tiresome. I’m glad to be reminded about why I pray for the situation in that area of the world.

Thanks to Todd for linking to it on his blog.

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Kyle said...

Politics suck and the politics surrounding the war are even worse. With the midterm elections coming up, politics seems to be all you hear about. Every commercial on the radio is either for McDonalds or candidate X accusing candidate Y of some sort of corruption, followed by another commercial in which candidate Y accuses candidate X of doing basically the same thing... I don't even care who wins anymore, just so long as they all shut up when it's over. You're lucky Star, at least in Japan you can ignore it if you want to, I can't even drive to work without hearing about it and seeing a sign every three feet!