Saturday, October 07, 2006

And Then...

And then there was nothing. It was as if a razor-sharp blade came whistling out of nowhere, leaving a sudden silence in its wake. The wind just ceased to be.

Never have my ears strained so hard to fill the void that slammed into place without warning. Before long a truck, emboldened by the break in weather, zoomed past the house with the usual rumble accompanying it. I let out the breath I hadn’t even been aware I was holding. My eardrums were still intact, and my heart sang with the hope of a beautiful fall day.

* * * * * * *

Ah creative license, what a sweet thing you are. The end of the storm was not quite so dramatic as all that, but it really was strange for the wind buzzing around the house to quiet down, and I decided to give voice to that brief tightening of the chest that happens when you unthinkingly make sure all the senses that had been assaulted for the past day are still working.

It did turn out to be a glorious day, and the sun shone with a ferocity I rarely remember. Maybe it was trying to make up for disappearing so completely this past week. Driving around revealed that the river was very close to overflowing the concrete barriers while a canal only a few blocks from our house had actually crested over its banks and flooded a street or two (which didn’t stop some children from gathering and frolicking in the water). We always forget how close we are to the river… so we’re glad the rain stopped when it did.

We saw an amazing sight too- a larger-than-normal hazy moon blushing a light, pretty red. We were even able to see craters and stuff; the magnification was a little startling. Sadly, our frantic driving around for a good spot to stop and take a picture was to no avail. We took a minute too long, which means the moon was visible for a total of a minute and a half.

You won this time little moon, but next time we will capture you on film... digital sensors… whatever.

Game on.


Kyle said...

I must say, Star, that reading things like this makes me miss you guys all the more. This post is just so... Starish?... has so many Starisms?... well, whatever the right word is, it reminds me of that funny sense of humor that Heather and I miss.

I'm glad you didn't blow away and don't worry, you'll get your picture of the moon eventually (rumor has it that it's been around for a few years and will probably stick around for a few more).


PS: sometimes the word verification thing at the bottom is HARD! It would be nice if they could at least keep the letters from running together so I could actually read it! Not that this is your fault or anything... well, maybe it is... I demand that you fix this immediately!

Ljw said...

HAH! So it's not just me that has issues with the word verification! I told you it was a pain in the tush! ::hacks up a lung and sneezes out some grey matter before shuffling off for chicken soup:::

Star said...

Funny, we feel the same way whenever we read one of your letters. Must be a friend thing ;P

What can I say...we all have to make sacrifices to successfully outmaneuver the spambots roaming cyberspace.

Rest and feel better sis!