Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Personal Best

Today it struck me that I was in the middle of creating a personal record. Granted, what I’ve done doesn’t take much effort, no more than a few seconds of decision making really, nor does it benefit mankind, or make the world a better place, or any other such noble endeavor. In fact, it will most likely play no major or conscious part in my life from the moment I post this onwards. Nevertheless, I feel it’s worth mentioning for those of you who know me.

… … …

This is the third day in a row that I’ve worn a skirt.

Is... is that a snowflake?


Ljw said...

My personal best for skirt wearing would probably be in the 4-5 day range. I've definitely done the 3 day..and I just don't like it and I probably never will. And you're doing it by choice?? Though I've never known if you hate wearing skirts or that could be irrelevant..

Kyle said...

Well, you've topped my person best. I've never worn a skirt - at least not for a whole day. I don't know how Ash feels about it, but I always like Heather in a skirt, so you might be making his world a better place!

Star said...

Indeed, my husband's enjoyment in seeing his wife in a skirt might have something to do with the streak :) I'm all about making his world a better place!

It's not that I hate skirts... well, okay, I seriously dislike uncomfortable ones or types that require stockings ::shudder::, but the ones that are light and breezy and flowing and free (thus meaning a decent length) are glorious, especially when it's hotter than the hubs.