Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Oye, the Soreness

I went to yoga again yesterday, thanks to the kindness of a friend who took pity on and drove me to class to spare me the otherwise inevitable rain lashing I’d have endured on my bike.

This time around I was able to understand more of the Japanese instruction being spoken, including the commands to “breath in deeply through your nose” and “breath out”. This doesn’t mean I can repeat them off-hand, but it does mean that if I happen to hear them in conversation, my brain will be able to decipher that little bit of the Japanese code.

There were no more “lone tree” incidents either.

Which brings me to today. MAN, I’m sore. Sore in places that I’ve never been sore before, which is saying something considering the agony I endured one particular day after a BodyPump class in CO. It’s as if all the muscles in my lower torso have been super stretched like taffy before being stuffed back into their original positions. The protest of these muscles is high, and I’ve spent the better part of the morning walking around and tentatively (while biting my lip to keep the sound of my whimpering down, the windows are open after all) stretching my offended and outraged, er, everything.

It all makes me think that there really is something to this yoga stuff, and that my comprehension of moves must be getting better to get such a deep workout.

Either that or I’ve seriously hurt myself.

Christy, if you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re laughing right now :)


Kuntry Konfession said...

u'know, try stretching after workouts, before u go to bed, and when you just wake up. i once went on a three day hike and i was h-urtin!..painfully, i couldn't even walk! a friend, she's a physical therapist, helped stretched me 'til it hurt, and i could actually walk after that!
-its a good kind of hurt though, isn't it?!

Ljw said...

Spray some of that dermatox I gave you on your sore spots. Rub it in with your fingertips and after about 15-20 min you should feel some relief. Also, sometimes when it REALLY hurts, I'll use a spritz every 5 min or so until that 20 min kicks in. Use it through out the day too if needed. You know I know! :)

Ljw said...

Uhm, yeah. Meant to give the example of how I burned the roof of my mouth right behind my front teeth yesterday. It started to blister and tear up (peel) pretty bad within about 15 minutes. So I started using the dermatox and halted the process entirely. It was completely healed by this morning - which NEVER happens if I just let it go. It's bitter, but it was worth it! (who knew eggs could get so hot?!)

Kyle said...

Hmm, perhaps this is pointing out the obvious, but Star, you're married and husbands like (or at least I do, so I assume others do as well) to give wives massages and massages are good for working out sore... everythings.
Does your place have a bathtub (keeping in mind that all of my knowledge of Japan comes from manga and anime and thus I'm picturing something roughly the size of a hottub when I ask this)? Those always help with soreness as well, though I tend to dispise them.
Still, it sounds like you're having fun with your yoga classes and learning a bit of the language at the same time.

Star said...

Oh yes, the blinding pain that comes after such a workout is definitely a good kind of hurt :) I'd much rather that than other kinds of pain!

Massages have been given, dermatox used, stretches done, and I am more or less fully recovered :)

We do have a bathtub, but we never use it. It's the size of, well, an eighth of the size of a hot tub, and goodness knows how many other people have used it in the history of this rental property... the thought of soaking in it makes my skin crawl.

So, uh, no, a hot shower does me just fine :)

Anonymous said...

Christy? Art/runner girl Christy? If so, I am laughing, now that I have the time to read back through your notes between planning a wedding. I have been that sore. But, the reward is that you get better at it, and less sore the more you do it.